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Transposing figured bass

From: Jérôme Plût
Subject: Transposing figured bass
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 00:00:44 +0200
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So I want to transpose figured bass.

Of course this is complicated, because the correct way to transpose
depends on the bass note; for instance, transposing a root-position C
minor chord (written, with no key signature, as <_-> on the bass c) up
by a natural 2nd gives a D minor chord (now written, with key
signature ♯♯,  as <_=>).

This is conceptually simple (the algorithm is essentially: for
accidentals [-+=], treat them as *relative to the current key
signature*) and therefore certainly possible, but tedious, to do as a
Scheme function depending on three music expressions (the \figures,
the bass line, and optionally a music expression containing the key
signature — I like to put this in a separate variable from the bass).

So before I waste too much time on this: given the number of geniuses
on this mailing-list, certainly one of you already did write the
relevant Scheme code, am I right?


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