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Re: Stanzas over staves

From: Helge Kruse
Subject: Re: Stanzas over staves
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 07:20:17 +0200
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Am 17.04.2018 um 21:13 schrieb Kieren MacMillan:
it looks like you simply want to stack the text as markup above a measure-long 
rest (with fermatas in all parts, I would assume?).
Oh, my bad wording. I mean not above the lines but inside.

That's definitely a simple situation, easy to accomplish in Lilypond. Maybe try 
something like
Combining your snippet with snippet #780 from the Lilypond snippet repository I was able to create a minimum example. This shows how the text should overlap the staff. The choosen staff idicates what player is the narrator at the given measure.

But there are some open points.

- The harp requires two staff lines. I managed to remove the outside-staff-priority for one staff. But the other staff line is pushed away. How can I use both staves of one harp for the text? How could I place the text covering all staves of the score and avoid Lilyponds anti-collision routines that moves the staff lines away?

- The readability of the text could be improved by changing to color of the lines in the narrative measure to gray, light gray, or probably white. LSR #700 shows a way to color staff lines. But is there a simpler way when I need a common color for all lines?

Best regards

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