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How change a dot in TabStaff

From: Darío
Subject: How change a dot in TabStaff
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 15:33:00 -0400

Hello! I am writing a scale, and I need the tablature and the Fret diagram, there aren't problem, but in the tablature, the tonic note not appear where I want.
I need that it is in the eighth fret, not in the first fret of the second rope. The code is:
\version "2.18.2"

%%%%%%%%%Do mayor
\header {
      title = "Escalas"

jonicaCM =   \relative c'{
c d e^\markup {\fret-diagram #"6-8;6-10;6-12;5-8;"} f
g a b^\markup {\fret-diagram #"5-10;5-12;4-9;4-10;"} c
d e f^\markup {\fret-diagram #"4-12;3-9;3-10;3-12;"} g
a b c^\markup {\fret-diagram #"2-10;2-12;2-13;1-10;"} d
e^\markup {\fret-diagram #"1-12;1-13;"} f
\header {
    piece = "Jónica Do Mayor"
<< \new Staff{\clef treble
\time 4/4
\new TabStaff {\relative c' {
 \set TabStaff.minimumFret = #7 %in theory I understand that this line indicates the minimum fret

I wrote as well because is a particular paper for study simply, and because is more simple.

Thanks a lot!

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