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Re: Lilypond slow to start up on the Mac

From: Arle Lommel
Subject: Re: Lilypond slow to start up on the Mac
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 06:21:41 -0400

I'm using the latest development build, but had notes the same problem using 
the latest 2.18 build, so I don't see a way to update to anything more recent 
in this case. 

I wouldn't have thought of a font cache, but that gives me something to test 
and report back on. Perhaps it is a recurrence of that problem or some 
variation. If it is, though, it's not likely to be identical because Lilypond 
works fine on its own and hangs only when invoked, and then only on the first 
run after a reboot (although that would lend some credence to a font caching 

I'm not where I can test now, but I'll do so later. 

Thanks for the pointer. 


Misit de iPhone meo. 

> On Apr 23, 2018, at 14:13, David Wright <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On Mon 23 Apr 2018 at 11:40:46 (-0400), Arle Lommel wrote:
>> I’ve noticed on the Mac for some time that the first time I invoke Lilypond 
>> from an external application after a reboot, it can take quite a while for 
>> it to respond. Normally this is something like a 40–60 second delay, after 
>> which Lilypond behaves normally. But a few days ago, after I updated to OS X 
>> 10.13.4, it seemed that Lilypond was totally unresponsive over much longer 
>> periods. After waiting about ten minutes, I finally walked away for dinner, 
>> and when I came back, it was working normally. This happened with the latest 
>> development build, but I’ve also had delays with the stable build (although 
>> never as long as this was).
>> I was invoking Lilypond through Frescobaldi, but I’ve had the same (shorter) 
>> initial delays on JEdit, and on multiple machines in the past.
>> During this longer wait, I could launch and initiate a 
>> typesetting activity from within it with no problem, so it is not Lilypond 
>> itself that seems to be the problem, but rather something specific to 
>> external applications calling it.
>> Is this a known issue? If so, any ideas on ways to fix it other than 
>> typesetting something and walking away for 20 minutes before it responds?
> Maybe you've hit this one which used to be a frequent problem here.
> The cure is usually either a newer version, or you could try
> deleting the font cache and hoping it will get rebuilt correctly
> (if there was a problem before) on the next run.
> Cheers,
> David.

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