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Re: Slurs do not work with Larsen articulations

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Slurs do not work with Larsen articulations
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 21:08:33 +0000
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On 4/25/18, 1:46 PM, "Thomas Morley" <address@hidden> wrote:
    > There is a point that I was trying to make with these changes, without 
jumping right out and saying it (because I couldn’t find a good place to jump 
out and say it).  In LilyPond, *ALL* extra things that apply to a note are 
added *after* a note, not before.
    To be complete.
    There's one exception I'm aware of: ligatures:
    \[ g' c, a' f d' \]
I wasn't aware of that.  I do note that this usage is formally deprecated, and 
we have (indefinite) plans to move it to postfix notation.  Maybe that should 
be a goal for 2.21 (and eventual inclusion in 2.22).  DavidK., you know the 
parser and lexer.  How hard would it be to change the ligature start to postfix 

My expectation is that the hardest part about it might be getting an effective 
convert-ly rule.

    > And they are *not* added after a "note pitch".  A note consists of a 
pitch plus a duration.  For a given note, either the pitch or the duration can 
be implicit, which means they are not included in the input but instead get 
their value from the previous note.  Following the note, we get all the 
    > This pattern needs to be understood to be successful in working with 
LilyPond.  Once you understand this, it's clear that you can't use the ABC 
notation of enclosing a series of notes in parentheses.
    Reading this thread I looked for a LM section explaining this
    postfix-syntax and couldn't find any, did I overlook something?

There isn't one, and I couldn't find a good place for it before 2.1.3 ...
    If not,  think it should be inserted in section
    3. Fundamental concepts
    3.1 How LilyPond input files work
    My proposal:


I love your proposal.  I'll work on adding it.  I may not put as much 
information in as you have included.  But I'll get something going.




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