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Re: Schenkerian analysis diagram

From: Jérôme Plût
Subject: Re: Schenkerian analysis diagram
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 23:48:01 +0200
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> I don’t think you need to patch LilyPond. Have a look at
> <;a=blob;f=ly/;h=5ce305aa5cc8e9603bff4d88e4046a16f3b8bc93;hb=HEAD#l73>
> and
> <;a=blob;f=ly/;h=d70be85ef9cf96464a9837d00e71a21925d3f0e8;hb=HEAD#l67>
> You can just redefine those.

Thanks for the pointers! I did not know that you could play with the
lexer by just assigning to strings, but this seems quite limited (I
can assign to "\\*" or "@", but neither to "@+" nor to "@foo", and
anything starting with a dash is also off-limits).

On the other hand, the dashHat etc. mechanisms are hard-coded in
lily/parser.yy (at the script_abbreviation label), so this is the
place I would need to touch to add any extra shortcuts. At first sight
it seems that enlarging the list to -<CHAR> where <CHAR> is anything
different from {backslash, space, digits, #, $} would not interfere
with anything (since these are currently syntax errors anyway), is
this correct?



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