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Re: Another Figured Bass problem

From: Robert Blackstone
Subject: Re: Another Figured Bass problem
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 11:54:02 +0200

Hi David,
Thanks for your reaction. 

You write "So blanking entries is done by entering _ instead of a number." 
I'm not sure I fully understand this.
I have tried to get a number, for instance #3 on the second row by entering < _ 
3+ >,  but that didn't change anything; the #3 stayed on the top line.

I used the method just given by Malte Meyn.

Best regards,

Robert Blackstone 

On 30 Apr 2018, at 11:36 , David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:

> Robert Blackstone <address@hidden> writes:
>> Dear all, 
>> In the Lilypond documentation it is shown how to stack BC figures, but I 
>> have not
>> been able to find how to put a figure in the second row with nothing above 
>> it.
>> In my score I get:
>> *
>> but what I need is:
>> *
>> I got this result by entering \  before the number, like < \  3+ >, and 
>> erasing the \ in
>> the pdf.
>> Doable but maybe not worthy of LilyPond.
>> Is there a better method?
> From "Entering figured bass":
>    Accidentals (including naturals) may be used for modifying scale
>    steps.  These are entered by appending ‘+’ (for sharps), ‘-’ (for
>    flats) or ‘!’ (for naturals) after the number.  For double
>    accidentals the modifier is applied twice.  For the modification of
>    the third step the number is often omitted, which can be achieved by
>    using ‘_’ instead of a number.
> So blanking entries is done by entering _ instead of a number.
> -- 
> David Kastrup

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