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Re: Defining radius of circle that encircles text

From: Sam Bivens
Subject: Re: Defining radius of circle that encircles text
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 21:18:43 -0500
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Hi Kieren and Harm,

Thanks so much for the help! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Much appreciated,


On 1/2/19 4:56 PM, Thomas Morley wrote:
Am Mi., 2. Jan. 2019 um 22:41 Uhr schrieb Sam Bivens <address@hidden>:
Happy New Year to everyone reading!

Please see the attached MWE; how can I specify the radius of the circled
text? Using `\circle 2` results in differently sized circles based on
the circled text, but when I specify the radius with `\draw-circle`, I
somehow can't manage to center the text inside the circle. This has to
be a very simple fix that's right under my nose, but somehow nothing
I've tried works.

Or, perhaps there's another option that someone might share; that would
work, as well.



if you use \draw-circle, then the resulting cirlce will have extents
in X-axis: [-radius +radius], in Y-axis [-radius +radius]
Ensure the content which you want to put in the circle is centered as
well, i.e. use \vcenter \halign #CENTER

\markup { \combine \draw-circle #1.5 #.1 ##f \vcenter \halign #CENTER "2" }


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