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GAH!! Apologies for the prior spam post - Lyric placement or new staff f

From: Guy Stalnaker
Subject: GAH!! Apologies for the prior spam post - Lyric placement or new staff for ending.
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 21:40:53 -0600
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Trying to finish this piece and it's giving me fits.

With Tyler's help I got the Solo lyrics where I wanted them. Thanks, Tyler.

But doing this and adding appropriate dynamics for \voiceTwo results in this:

Note the lyric placement in measures 63-64 for the top staff. These lyrics occur before the polyphonic voice context that starts on b4 of m64. I have no idea how to fix this. The documentation at

mentions use of

      \override VerticalAxisGroup.
        nonstaff-relatedstaff-spacing.padding = #5
      \override VerticalAxisGroup.
        nonstaff-unrelatedstaff-spacing.padding = #5

But that does not work when using a variable: sopranoVerse = \lyricmode {}

So, I tried to perhaps break the five measure Solo line into a new staff following

Nothing doing. The minute I do I loose the context connection between \lyricsto and the Solo \new Voice (code follows) (music staff is created, just no lyrics) with the error: warning: cannot find Voice `Solo'

      \new Lyrics
                  \lyricsto "Solo" {

So, can anyone help with one of two solutions? how to move the lyrics in m63-64 up so they are closer to the staff ? or create a new staff that has the proper lyrics? I'd prefer the new staff (it's visually elegant and uncluttered).

%%% Code using \new Staff
music = {
    \new Voice = "sopranoOoos"
        \partial 4 f'4_\p_\dim( ~ |
        f'4. g'8 a'4 f' ~ |
        f'4 e' d'2)\pp |
    \new Lyrics \with { alignBelowContext = #"sopranos" } \lyricsto "sopranoOoos" { Ooo }   
    \new Staff \with { alignAboveContext = #"sopranos" } {
      \new Voice = "Solo"
          \partial 4 a'4\bar "||"
          a'4. bf'8 c''4 a' |
          g'2 f' |
      \new Lyrics \with { alignAboveContext = #"sopranos" } \lyricsto "Solo" {
        Yet what I can I give Him,
  >> \bar "|."
musicVoice = {
  \new Staff = "sopranos"
  { \music }
\score {
%%% Code

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