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Error: bad expression type

From: Christopher R. Maden
Subject: Error: bad expression type
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 01:29:27 -0500
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tl;dr: in 2.14, I used to call a variable (\theFootnotes) between a layout score and a MIDI score. That was defined as ##f in an included file. After convert-ly-ing to 2.18, I get “error: bad expression type.” Why?


I have a bunch of music that was done with 2.14. I just ran convert-ly to bring it all into 2.18.2.

It’s a songbook (no, not the sea chantey one). To facilitate production of single-song PDF files, I have this structure, for each song (called “title” here):
  includes defines variables like titleSheetMusic. defines variables like theSheetMusic = \titleSheetMusic, and looks for variables like \theSheetMusic.

Not all the variables are needed for every song, so defines them as ##f when not used.

A minimal working example is attached. When I call LilyPond on, I get an error: error: bad expression type

The position refers to the reference to the reference to \theFootnotes. The PDF is successfully generated, but the program returns code 1, causing the make process driving it to die.

If I change to not reference \theFootnotes, all is well; if I replace the reference with ##f, all is well. What am I doing wrong?

Chris Maden, text nerd
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