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Lessons to better understand key concepts in Lily Pond?

From: Yakir Arbib
Subject: Lessons to better understand key concepts in Lily Pond?
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2019 01:19:29 +0100

Dear list,

Thank you very much for your answers to my question about composition
and Lily Pond!

I have read and reread the manuals for Lily, where the musical result
to the code snippets they give as examples are presented as images,
which of course with my screen reading software I can't access.  I can
make a pretty good guess as to the result shown (many times) but not
all times.  Which blocks me from knowing some vital things about using
Lily Pond correctly!

Would anyone here -- especially those of you who are composers and use
Lily for contemporary music be willing to give me a few paid private
lessons over Skype or What'sapp so that we can cover some of the
features I need to get started with my work?  I predict 4-5 lessons
should do the trick for an initial very good start for me to be able
to kick off things by my own.

Please let me know -- that would really be of valuable help to me in
my situation!

Thanks very much, and cheers in music!


Yakir Arbib


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