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Re: <<aes,2. \\ {s4 ees2} \\ {s2 bes4}>>

From: Wols Lists
Subject: Re: <<aes,2. \\ {s4 ees2} \\ {s2 bes4}>>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2019 20:59:30 +0000
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On 05/01/19 20:20, Aaron Hill wrote:
> P.S.  I would like to add that, as a performer who has great disdain for
> annoying page turns, I will join you in the battle for promoting sane
> typesetting.  Slightly squished and/or "creative" notation is far better
> than wrestling with (and wasting) paper.

It's not disdain for page turns, it's for them being b****dy impossible!
When we perform, our music is usually stuck to the stands with
everything we can lay our hands on to keep it there - it's not uncommon
for an attempt to turn the page to result in the music disappearing down
the field ... it has been known for the music to disappear down the
field taking the stand with it :-)


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