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Re: Aleatoric Elements with barlines

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Aleatoric Elements with barlines
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2019 08:59:20 -0800
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On 2019-01-07 8:29 am, Reggie wrote:
Aaron you are a great teacher thank you. Just a couple few more questions please. First how did you know that it had to equal 2 full measures? I did not see how you arrived. Second please tell me is there any negative effect
of moving the barline from score to staff I didn't want to do that on a
global scale because this alignment is just one small section of a "normal" composition, but if it's safe? Then ok. Any caveats with moving to staff?
Thank you. I don't understand the math of 2 full bars.

The two measures was just an arbitrary choice. You don't need to it to be precisely that; but for whatever amount you do decide on, all staves will need to agree with one another so things line up.

As for moving the engravers from \Score to \Staff, it would require that any specified bar lines be duplicated across the staves manually. Normally, it is sufficient for one staff to say something like \bar "||" and that will automatically propagate to the other staves.

It seems to be a recommended practice to prefer specifying elements like bar lines in a common, shared "\global" variable. If you do this and reference the variable for each staff, then technically you are already specifying the bar lines on each staff. The redundancy means that the score should work just fine with the engravers moved.

If it turns out to be unacceptable to move the engravers for the majority of your project, you could consider engraving this cadenza section as its own score which allows it to have an independent layout block. This alternate strategy means subdividing your one score into multiple scores, so you would need to adjust things like measure numbering, indentation, and other spacing variables to get the final output to appear seamless.

-- Aaron Hill

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