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Brand new user trying to use markups

From: Sergio Tovich
Subject: Brand new user trying to use markups
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 18:02:17 -0300

Hi all, i'am new on LilyPond.

Following this link:

Seems really nice, but i getting frustrating because i can't do a tablature of a simple note:

Here is the code:

global = {

\key d \major

\time 4/4

% \relative mode d'


\relative d'' {



d4^\markup {



#'((cc . ( one ))



The errors:

/tmp/frescobaldi-ldcvdy2p/tmplkr21_je/Concerning-Hobbits - error: GUILE ha señalado un error para la expresión que comienza aquí


'((cc . (one))

Printing keys in verbose mode for: tin-whistle


possibilities for one:

(one oneT one1qT oneT1q one1q one1qT1h one1hT1q one1qT3q one3qT1q one1qTF oneFT1q one1hT oneT1h one1h one1hT3q one3qT1h one1hTF oneFT1h one3qT oneT3q one3q one3qTF oneFT3q oneFT oneF)

I don't found more documentation about makups or online help.



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