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Parallel notation and volta repeats

From: Vinicius Mascarenhas
Subject: Parallel notation and volta repeats
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 07:43:50 -0200

Hey y’all, I’m trying to write music in parallel but the thing that’s always stopped me was that I can’t figure out how to use it with volta repeats. For example, I was thinking something like this:

\parallelMusic #'(voiceA voiceB)
\repeat volta 2 { \A
\repeat volta 2 { \C

\B }
\D }

Would produce the same as this:

voiceA = \repeat volta 2 { \A \B } }

voiceB = \repeat volta 2 { \C \D } }

But that’s not the case. The result is something crazy, and every minor change in the code explodes into something far too unexpected and unpredictable. So as an alternative, I’ve tried using \bar ":|."  but I’m really trying to stick to repeats that go beyond visual tweaking of a regular bar because I need numbered brackets, midi block with \unfoldRepeats and all. So I need Lilypond to actually know this is a genuine repeat.

So are parallel notation and true volta repeats simply incompatible with each other due to the linear way Lilypond reads code? Or am I missing something that makes them work together?

Thanks in advance :)
- Vinicius

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