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garbage-collection/trampoline error with beams and accidentals

From: N. Andrew Walsh
Subject: garbage-collection/trampoline error with beams and accidentals
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 15:21:29 +0100

I have the following code:

\version "2.19.82"

\relative c' {
 \clef alto
 \override Score.Stem.stemlet-length = #0.75
 deh,2\f~ deh

 | %2
 %\once \override Beam.positions = #'(2.5 . 1.5)
 c'16\rest[ deh,8.]

That compiles fine on its own. However, in the context of a full orchestra score, I get an error with ly:trampoline if: 

I uncomment the command for overriding Beam.positions
I tie the second deh in the first measure to the deh in the next, forcing an accidental onto the deh8. that's beamed. (I'm using the "c'16\rest" to force the rest into the middle of the Stave; is there a better way to do that?)

So somewhere in there it's running into errors. From the previous posts on this, it's something wrong with gdb that I need to track down; can someone help me with debugging?



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