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Re: Use of \vspace and \hspace

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Use of \vspace and \hspace
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 18:25:02 +0000

On 1/20/19, Andrew Bernard <address@hidden> wrote:
> although an experienced user, I just lack something fundamental
> understanding lilypond internals that leaves me permanently flummoxed. For
> example, when to use extra-spacing-width, which always eludes me until I
> post to the list.

I can relate. But I’m generally happy enough with LilyPond’s default
output so that I don’t try and mess with it. Proportional spacing does
qualify, IMO, as advanced use and therefore a documentation that is a
bit more sparse or harder to grasp is not unexpected when it comes to
that sort of things.

With that in mind, please add me to the list of people you may send
stuff to outside of the list if you need specific advice on a
particular piece of code that you’re reluctant (or unauthorized) to
share publicly! I could also possibly give you some addresses of other
LilyPond-reliant composers that do very complex stuff (my own music
looks absurdly simple in comparison, by which I mean intended for mere
mortals :-)

> I'd like to see a really good
> explanation of that topic, and spacing sections, which have _never_ been
> able to get to work.

Well, NR 4.5 is quite a bit technical but I do manage to understand
what it says and find it (at least a bit) helpful. But if you’re using
proportional notation and strict note spacing, there tends to come a
moment where all bets are off and you may find yourself with either
very ugly or heavily hand-corrected pages. At least that’s what my
experience has been so far (and why I’ve mostly stopped trying to
compete with Lily’s own logic).


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