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Re: Adjusting space in a lyric tie

From: David F.
Subject: Re: Adjusting space in a lyric tie
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 17:13:05 -0700

On Jan 19, 2019, at 10:55 PM, Aaron Hill <address@hidden> wrote:

On 2019-01-19 9:15 pm, David F. wrote:
On Jan 19, 2019, at 10:06 PM, Aaron Hill <address@hidden> wrote:
LyricText.word-space is what you want to adjust.  Note that it doesn't stretch the size of the tie.
Perfect!  Thanks!

And just for completeness, here is how you can manually construct a tie of arbitrary width:

That’s great!  For now, the standard tie is working fine for me.  It was just the spacing that was too tight.  Lilypond’s spacing out of the box is really tight, which matches what you’d see in a printed hymnal.  But I’m building slides to be projected and the tight spacing meant that there was often less space between separate words than between syllables of a single word.  The end result was … less than desirable.  But adjustments to both LyricSpace.minimum-distance and LyricText.word-space makes things look a lot better.

I’ve attached before and after images.

Thanks again!


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