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Re: [lmi] Using git to manage CVS webpages repository

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] Using git to manage CVS webpages repository
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 21:54:24 +0000
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On 2018-01-08 17:52, Greg Chicares wrote:
> This year, I decided to figure out how to manage the CVS repository
> with git tools. Although it's good to explore the capabilities and
> limitations of that method, for simple tasks like copyright updates
> it's easier just to use CVS. It turns out that the git tools update
> the CVS repository only by invoking CVS commands, and require a CVS
> checkout to exist anyway.

This year, I skipped 'git' and just used cvs:

> (2) Managing the CVS repository directly with a temporary working copy
> Because I still don't care to maintain a permanent CVS working copy,
> I simply did this:
> cd /tmp
> mkdir web-cvs
> cd web-cvs
> cvs -z3 -d "[USER][AT-SIGN]cvs.sv.gnu.org:/web/lmi" checkout lmi
> cd lmi

More robustly:

/tmp[0]$cd /tmp
/tmp[0]$rm -rf web-cvs
/tmp[0]$mkdir web-cvs
/tmp[0]$cd web-cvs
/tmp/web-cvs[0]$cvs -z3 -d "REDACTED[at-sign]cvs.sv.gnu.org:/web/lmi" checkout 
...lengthy output omitted...
/tmp/web-cvs[0]$cd lmi
/tmp/web-cvs/lmi[0]$for z in ChangeLog README *.html; do sed -i $z -e 
'/Copyright/s/2018 Greg/2018, 2019 Greg/'; done      

Comparing all common files to /opt/lmi/src/lmi/ revealed that a change
made to one in 2018 hadn't been propagated to the web pages, so fix that:

/tmp/web-cvs/lmi[0]$vim -p pasting_to_a_census.html

It seemed prudent to guard against the possibility that any new PNG file
hadn't been so propagated, so I made sure that all PNGs referenced by any
HTML file were indeed present:

/tmp/web-cvs/lmi[0]$ls -o `grep --no-filename 'png' *.html |sed -e's/^.*<img 
src="//' -e's/".*$//' |sort -u` |less -N

> /tmp/web-cvs/lmi[0]$cvs -d [USER][AT-SIGN]cvs.sv.gnu.org:/web/lmi commit 
> -m'Update copyright notices' '7702.html' 'COPYING.html' 'ChangeLog' 'README' 
> 'faq.html' 'group_tutorial.html' 'index.html' 'individual_tutorial.html' 
> 'menu_commands.html' 'pasting_to_a_census.html' 'sequence_input.html' 
> 'user_manual.html'

It appears that it wasn't necessary to quote filenames:

/tmp/web-cvs/lmi[0]$cvs -d REDACTED[at-sign]cvs.sv.gnu.org:/web/lmi commit 
-m'Update copyright notices' *.html README ChangeLog

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