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[lmi] Special "split funds" supplemental report

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi] Special "split funds" supplemental report
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 01:30:23 +0000
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A special supplemental report is required in a certain circumstance.
Today, this is done manually. Vadim, would you please consider
automating it?

The circumstance: This report is required iff
  Input::InforceGeneralAccountValue      ;
  Input::InforceSeparateAccountValue     ;
are both nonzero: i.e., when the XML elements whose names are
identical to those variables' names both have nonzero values
(treating empty values like
as zero, as well as explicit zeros like

The reason why we use a jargon term like "split funds" for this
circumstance is that an inforce policy (one already issued in
the past and still active) has a "cash value" (real money) that
may reside in a separate account (like a mutual fund) or in the
general account (not a mutual fund)...or it may be "split"
between separate and general accounts, with a nonzero balance
in both.

The report: The columns are these...


in the case documented as follows in class finra_supplemental:

    // When invar.SplitMinPrem is true

in which case, as that comment describes in detail, we may need to make
certain columns narrower so that all fit. When 'SplitMinPrem' is not
true, these two columns:


are to be omitted, and 'Outlay' inserted.

In this snippet from 'pdf_command_wx.cpp':

            ,{ "ErGrossPmt"                 , "ER Gross\nPayment"           ,  
"99,999,999" }
            ,{ "EeGrossPmt"                 , "EE Gross\nPayment"           ,  
"99,999,999" }
            ,{ "GrossPmt"                   , "Premium\nOutlay"             , 
"999,999,999" }

all three of these columns are shown together; for this supplemental
report, either the first two (only) or the third (only) is to be used.

Even though I cut and pasted XML like this above:
from an actual input file that had been manually modified, we want to
use the columns shown, but without using those XML elements: instead,
we want a hard-coded supplemental report as in the 'pdf_command_wx.cpp'
snippet above, which should appear iff the "Circumstance" above is true.
IOW, instead of requiring end users to select these columns on the
supplemental-report GUI tab, we want this additional report to appear
without any explicit action on their part, so that they can design their
own (different and extra) supplemental report on that GUI tab.

Is this a clear enough specification?

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