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Re: [Ltib] get brand new kernel into ltib

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] get brand new kernel into ltib
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 08:48:38 +0000

Hi Henry,

You'll have to email Freescale directly to ask that.  I think though
that your best bet is probably the ARM kernel mailing list, or possibly
the gcc mailing list.

BTW: I'm still working on the graphics packages (when time permits).

Regards, Stuart

On Mon, 2007-11-26 at 16:14 -0800, hong zhang wrote:
> Staurt,
> Because we only use imx31 CPU and do not use any
> peripherals on iMX31ads board, I think to have 2.6.23
> on my custom board. But if I use ltib toolchain and
> compilation gets warnings and errors. 
> Does freescale provide any document for that?
> ---henry
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