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[Ltib] Where are the current Freescale BSPs?

From: Richard Cochran
Subject: [Ltib] Where are the current Freescale BSPs?
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 17:41:26 +0100

I would like to use the latest BSP for our new MPC8572DS. In the box
was a CD with release ltib-mpc8572ds-20080523, including kernel

I really need a newer kernel, and I hoped that the LTIB from CVS would
have the latest development version, but there is no 8572ds in CVS at

Is there another CVS that tracks Freescale?

I found this in the BSP:
cvs -d":pserver:address@hidden:/cm/vault/ltib" co ltib
but that host seems not to exist.

Also, I noticed that the CVS LTIB contains .gitignore files. Is there
a public git repo for LTIB? (that would be way cooler)


PS I know that there is a newer, offical BSP to download from
Freescale, but the 1.7 GB file just doesn't want to come through our
firewall intact.

Richard Cochran (Mr.), Development
OMICRON electronics GmbH
Oberes Ried 1
A-6833 Klaus / Austria

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