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[Ltib] Enable mtdparts command at u-boot prompt

From: Vijay Nikam
Subject: [Ltib] Enable mtdparts command at u-boot prompt
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 15:15:47 +0530

Hello All,

Sorry to send the email directly ... Perhaps the query I would like to
ask is may be of-topic for LTIB mailing list. But need some help

I have u-boot-1.3.0 running on mpc8313erdb board, and we have received
it with the bsp from freescale. Anyways the u-boot is fine. But they
have disabled 'mtdparts' command. And I would like to enable
"mtdparts" command.

I read the section regarding mtd partition creation ... I did
the changes according to this section, but I could not able to find
option to enable "mtdparts" command enable.

By any chance if you might have information regarding mtdparts
command, so could you please let me know the approach to how to enable
the mtdparts command, to do the dynamic partition enable ? ? ? Also do
I need to modify the dts file with respect to partition requirement ?
? ?

Kindly please acknowledge ... thank you.

Kind Regards,
Vijay Nikam

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