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Re: [Ltib] Incorrect path in FAQ?

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Incorrect path in FAQ?
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 18:05:31 +0100
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Okay, now fixed correct..

Stuart Hughes wrote:
Hi Grant,

You're right I'll fix that. Unfortunately documentation is often the last thing to get updated.

Regards, Stuart

Grant Edwards wrote:
It appears that the path for pkg_map in the answer to "How do I
introduce my new package to the config system" doesn't match
the LTIB snapshot that Freescale is distributing from their web

 2. Edit dist/lfs/common/pkg_map. This is in build order. [...]

In my copy of LTIB, that file is at config/userspace/pkg_map.

Has it been recently moved?

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