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Re: [Ltib] World writable dirs in ltib

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] World writable dirs in ltib
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2009 14:34:12 +0100
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Hi Svein,

As with all thing security is a balancing act between the absolute and preventing normal users conducting what they need to get on with.

What event are you actually worried about occurring?

The reason LTIB allows these few directories to be globally writeable is because it needs to:
  * Users on the same machine need to be able to download to
    the common pkgs cache
  * Users on the same machine need to be able to install updates
    to LTIB, which requires global write access to
    /opt/ltib/usr/src/rpm/* as build operations are not root.

I'm not sure how you intend to share out LTIB on a common server, but that may not be a great idea if you use NFS etc as this is slow and permissions/locking problems show up. If you want to share your download area, your better off to set-up one of your download machines as a PPP server (http web server) and setup your .ltibrc files accordingly.

Please try to not to use emotive terms like: "awful", "to add insult to injury" etc as this is likely to cause offence which is not helpful.

You have some valid points, but rather than assume people have not considered them, ask first and explain exactly what problems you envisage occurring. As I said any security policy is a balancing act.

Regards, Stuart

Svein Seldal wrote:

(@Admin: Please ignore&delete my previous post, as it was sent from another account which isn't subscribing to this list.)

The LPP directory, among other directories in /opt/freescale/ltib, is
set world writable by the ltib script. This is by many considered a
security offense as everyone (even guest or any least-privileged users)
have write access to these directories.

I'm about to deploy ltib on a common shared build server, where world
writable dirs is not permissible. I could, of course, just alter the
permission on the dirs locally, but to add insult to injury ltib
actually checks that it is world writeable and refuses to continue
without it.

My recommendation is to take away those malicious chmod's from the
rpm-fs install script, and do away with the awful 777 check in ltib.
IMHO it is the sysop/user's responsibility to set permissions/ownerships
policy and enforce security, not the script.

I've attached a proposal to a fix. It removes the chmod 777 in
rpm-fs*.spec and rather uses the compiling user's name as owner for the
given directories. This will ensure that ltib --hostcf works seamlessly
  for single user machines.

For those of us on a multi user machine, the other part of the attached
patch (ltib) will now fail unless the (rw) permissions are set right,
but it won't try to fix it. Any awake sysops will of course catch this
failure and set the correct permissions manually.

PS! I'm not sure of which macros/variables that are available in the
%Files section of the spec-file. Thus my patch hardcodes the location
for ltib/pkgs. Please feel free to find another more correct method.

- Svein


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