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[Ltib] 8544ds pcie mmap fails

From: todd . blackmon
Subject: [Ltib] 8544ds pcie mmap fails
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 00:15:45 +0000

I have an fpga card connected via pcie on the development system for the 8544.  
Using the fpga vendor bitstream and driver/user app, I am able to open the 
driver, perform standard writes and reads, etc.  When I ioremap the device it 
succeeds, but when I try to write the space nothing happens, when I try to 
read, it locks up the user process. This same card and code has been previously 
tested on an ubuntu pc and works.  The code is very close to examples from LDD3.

Is this functionality fully supported on this platform?  I can provide whatever 
code snippets or trace profiles you need.

Todd Blackmon
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