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Re: [Ltib] libXt "failed dependencies"

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] libXt "failed dependencies"
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 10:58:43 +0100
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Hi Alan,

I found the problem, for some reason for the imx27 build it is installing 'makestrs' this is an executable built by the package for its own internal processing (using the $BUILDCC). I don't understand why as I've definitely built and installed this before.

Anyhow, I've checked in this change that will fix the problem (I could reproduce it). I also checked-in a change earlier that fixes up some of the packages.lkc dependencies/selects for libXt and friends.

Index: dist/lfs-5.1/libXt/libXt.spec

@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@
   --prefix=%{_prefix} --host=$CFGHOST --build=%{_build} \
   --disable-malloc0returnsnull \
   --disable-static \
+  --disable-install-makestrs \

Regards, Stuart

Alan Carvalho de Assis wrote:
Hi Stuart,

On 7/14/09, Stuart Hughes <address@hidden> wrote:
In your previous email, the install was failing as these dependencies
were not met:

error: failed dependencies:   is needed by libXt-1.0.4-5   is needed by libXt-1.0.4-5

However, your base_libs are only providing 2.4/2.5/private.  That looks
a bit suspect, I normally get a load more (including 2.0/2.1).

Which BSP are you working on and which toolchain  does it select (maybe
you can attached your platforms .config).

I am not using a FSL BSP, I am using the most updated LTIB from CVS.

You could try running ./ltib -p base_libs -f and then re-check what it
provides.  The dependency in Xt looks reasonable to me.

Even after running "./ltib -p base_libs -f" it is only providing GLIBC
2.4 and 2.5.

To verify/confirm this issue I installed Ubuntu 9.04 into a virtual
machine and the same problem happened.

You can reproduce this problem this way:

1) Use a new and clean Linux machine (ie. Ubuntu 9.04)

2) Install needed LTIB dependency:

3) Run ./ltib and select i.MX27ADS

4) Unselect Qtopia

5) Go ahead and wait few minutes until the error happen



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