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[Ltib] qt and qt4 libs

From: Andre Silva
Subject: [Ltib] qt and qt4 libs
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 16:35:30 -0300
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I'm trying to compile lib poppler but I'm having issues related to QT library.

first of all, I need to get the libtool looking for qt headers/libs into rootfs folder but it always looks in my host pc. Also, I thought that when installing Qtopia it automatically included those qt (or qt4) libs, but it doesn't !

Does anybody successfully installed QT and QT4 libs on ltib ?

resuming, what I need is:

1 - have rootfs/usr/include/qt  with all qt headers
2 - have rootfs/usr/lib/qt with all qt libraries
3 - the same above for qt4
4 - makes libtool point to the search for rootfs folder instead my host pc.

I'd glad if anyone gives some suggestion.

thanks in advance.


Andre Silva

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