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[Ltib] Query on running the example "playvideo" program on imx27ADS...

From: Rajesh Marathe
Subject: [Ltib] Query on running the example "playvideo" program on imx27ADS...
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 10:56:06 +0530
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I have a setup comprising latest LTIB from CVS and IMX27ADS board. I use Redhat Linux as OS on my host PC. I took the example "playvideo.c" file from "";.

I included alsa-utils, gstreamer plugins and libmad packages as recommended.

The application compiled fine and when I run the same on my ADS board with the command - "./playvideo Kaleidoscope_mp4v_mp3_320x240_30fps_1200kbps_a_48khz_128kbps.mp4"

I get the following output:
(playvideo:1707): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_set: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (ob
ject)' failed
decvd = (nil)
decvd = (nil)
One element could not be created. Exiting.


When I look into the code of playvideo  the failure point was the line
g_object_set (decvd, "codec-type", "std_avc", NULL);

The above call fails. My questions are:

1. What should be the codec-type set to ? Am I trying out a wrong file here ? I changed the codec-type to "std_mpeg4" and still getting same problem.
2. Do I need any other codecs from Freescale to play this video out ? I have not included any from Freescale ?

I am a newbie to streaming and any help guiding me in right direction will help a great deal.

thanks and regards,
Rajesh Marathe.

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