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Re: [Ltib] how does one generate a combined initramfs.cpio.gz image with

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] how does one generate a combined initramfs.cpio.gz image with an uImage under ltib
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 14:15:02 +0100
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Hi Jim,

I understand the problem. Unfortunately I've not had time to look into this though.

The problem is that in a "typical situation" the kernel wants it filesystem blown out and available to turn info a cpio image and then linked in. However in a situation where you want the rootfs to be the initrams, this is not possible as you have not yet built it.

I believe LTIB correctly builds the initramfs cpio image. The remaining problem is to get the kernel to recognise this when it boots. I had hoped you could load and pass this to the bootloader (u-boot) and have it picked up in the same way that ext2.gz ramdisks are, but this doesn't seem to work. Alternatively maybe it's possible to take the raw kernel pieces and "link" the together to build the composite monolithic image.

Anyhow I've not much experience with this, so these are just ideas. It would be great to hear from anyone who has good a better idea of how to do this.

Regards, Stuart

Newell, James C. wrote:

Any suggestions/hints on how to handle generating a combined
initramfs.cpio image with a kernel uImage under ltib.  The kernel
build system links the initramfs.cpio file but ltib executes the
kernel spec first then builds the initramfs file.  It's a classic
chicken/egg problem.



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