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[Ltib] Freescale iMX25 (or other BSP) / Bad MD5 values

From: Franz Trierweiler
Subject: [Ltib] Freescale iMX25 (or other BSP) / Bad MD5 values
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 20:34:22 +0200
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Good Evening,

I just wanted to let you know that on the iMX25 CD/ROM provided by Freescale (the ISO image is available at - the image to pick-up is L2.6.26_MX25TO1_AV_ER3_source.tar.gz ), many MD5 files have a wrong content in /opt/freescale/pkgs (in fact, the first time I ran ./ltib I got a MD5 error and rpm-fs.patch was renamed into rpm-fs.patch.bad). The only way to fix this is to recompute all MD5 values either in the
/opt/freescale/pkgs (just after ./install) or in the directory where you have copied the CD/ROM content.

Yo can run this fast and dirty script (sorry, comments are in french):

# Liste les fichiers du répertoire et
# calcule le md5 correspondant qu'il stocke
# dans un fichier du même nom avec extension md5

# Efface les MD5
rm *.md5
for i in $(ls); do
    echo $file;
    md5sum $file > ${file}.md5;

I submitted the issue to Freescale technical support and they told me they were aware of the presence of bad MD5 files. They send me back a set of modified files but many of them still had wrong MD5 checksums (that's why I recompute them). Of course, recomputing all MD5 values is a bit stupid since we loose the benefit of checking what Freescale provided us with.

The iMX25 evalboard and dev kit are quite new, so there are still minor issues. Nevertheless, there I am interested in knowing whether other iMX users (27/35) faced the same issue.


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