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Re: [Ltib] Ltib and gdb

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Ltib and gdb
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 13:09:15 +0000
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Hi Giogio,

The gdb for the host is under the bin directory of your LTIB project. As it is tailored to your target and not a generic variant.

I've had mixed success with cross debugging. Sometimes it works well. Generally if I use it, I run a front end like ddd. Typically the process is this

---+ Build an un-stripped package and deploy to target image
$ ./ltib -p <pkg> -m prep
$ ./ltib -p <pkg> -m scbuild
$ ./ltib -p <pkg> -m scdeploy

# boot the target and start gdbserver (the executable may be stripped)
 gdbserver :1234 /usr/bin/pkgexecutable

---+ on the host in your LTIB project directory
$ ddd --debugger bin/gdb rpm/BUILD/<pkg>/path/to/some_exe_unstripped

---+ in the debugger
gdb> target remote targetip:1234
gdb> b main
gdb> continue

Regards, Stuart

giorgio wrote:

I built an image using Ltib.
I would like to have a couple of gdb (running on the host machine x86)
and a gdbserver (running on my arm linux target machine) for debug

From the LTIB main menu, I select "Package list option" and I checked
[*] gdb and [*] cross gdb (runs on build machine) options.

"gdbserver to run natively on the target" option is automatically
activate too.

After Ltib build process, I find the gdbserver on rootfs/usr/bin
but I can't find gdb application for my host development machine (x86).

Where a can find it?
Is this a good procedure to build a cross debugging toolchain?

Best regards,

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