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Re: [Ltib] Parameter setting in LTIB

From: Peter Barada
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Parameter setting in LTIB
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 08:51:02 -0500
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On 01/17/2011 12:26 AM, Mehrdad Salami wrote:



The parameter coming from config/platform/linux-2.6.25-54455evb . When the kernel  source code  

Was unpacked in /rpm/BUILD/linux, the parameters stores in .config in that directory. However when I run “./ltib –c “and check the box to configure the kernel, it is not listing that particular parameter nor the section that the parameter reside.

LTIB overwrites the kernel .config with its kernel configuration file; look for CONFIG_PKG_KERNEL_PRECONFIG in config/platform/<platform>/defconfig; it defined the kernel .config file used; can be in config/platform/<platform>, or in the kernel's defconfig for your architecture in arch/<arch>/configs.  It is what is copied into the kernel .config file and then mconf is invoked to allow you to change the kernel configuration.

The parameter is CONFIG_MCFCLK which is listed in “Processor type” section of .config file. However kernel config does not bring that section. The section above and under this (“platform dependent setup” and “general setup”) are listed but not the “Processor type”.


I think when the evb board selected initially, some parameters are hardcoded and cannot be changed. However I have changed the clock frequency for evb and need to change the parameter.

It may be that MCFCLK is a default value with no prompt.  In the kernel do "grep MCFCLK Kconf\* -print" to find where in the kernel configuration files MCFCLK is defined; it may be that all you need to do is change its default value, then re-configure the kernel in LTIB (to have the change in MCFCLK default take place)and save the kernel configuration.  Look in the kernel .config file to see if MCFCLK changed.


I am not sure how to use “./ltib --preconfig config/platform/<name/your-ltib.config".

The .config file in “config/platform” is like the initial setting for the parameters and cannot be used because many parameters are changed now. The .config  in /rpm/BUILD/linux looks more recent but not sure if --preconfig option with ./ltib is for kernel or ltib.

--preconfig is for LTIB, not the kernel.








> Hello,


> I am trying to change a parameter in kernel which is passed by LTIB.

> The parameter cannot be seen using  ltib  configuration (./ltib --c),

> so the only option is to manually change it.


> The two files in the config/platform which list the parameter (.config

> and have the text on the top that says the file generated

> automatically and should not be edited.


> Two questions:


> How can I change the parameter in config/platform file and make it

> permanent. If I change the parameter in the files (.config or

>, would it be permanent.


> Is there any way to add such parameter to the configuration and modify

> that using  ltib  configuration (./ltib --c)


What parameter are you talking about, something that LTIB provides?  It could be a default value coming from either your platform's main.lkc or config/userspace/default.lkc...


> Thanks,


> Sal



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