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Re: [Ltib] [OT?] what's the right way to get lzo1x.h for mtd-utils?

From: Robert P. J. Day
Subject: Re: [Ltib] [OT?] what's the right way to get lzo1x.h for mtd-utils?
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 06:28:22 -0500 (EST)
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On Tue, 1 Feb 2011, Stuart Hughes wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> Bear in mind that this list is for the public LTIB project.  I've no
> idea what Freescale have in there BSPs these days.  However I did
> specifically exclude the later mtd-utils from the host config in the
> public CVS version precisely so that it does not depend on lzo.  It
> looks to me like they have not updated the host distribution package
> dependency check-list.  If you install the package you mention I
> think all will be well.
> It's probably worth reporting this back to Freescale as a bug in their
> variant.

  i suspected that this wasn't a relevant question for this list, i
just wanted to make sure.  thanks.



Robert P. J. Day                               Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA


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