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Re: [Ltib] Support for LPC3152 on LTIB.

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Support for LPC3152 on LTIB.
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 16:45:08 +0000
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Hi Hugo,

I didn't get your picture, however if it's missing then please check that when you did a cvs up, you ran:

cvs up -dP

the -d option will pull in new directories.  To double check, make sure you have:

Regards, Stuart

On 16/02/11 16:18, hugo Alexandre wrote:
Hi Stuart,

For me, this screen appears like that:


There're just option for LPC3131. I've already tried a CVS UP on Ltib directory, but this option still didn't appears...



2011/2/16 Stuart Hughes <address@hidden>
Hi Hugo,

If you've already selected a platform, to get back to the start run:

$ ./ltib -m disclean

Then to get back to the platform selection, run:

$ ./ltib

Press the 'Enter' key and that will take you to the platform list shown below.  The LPC3152 Soc is highlighted.


Regards, Stuart

On 16/02/11 13:04, hugo Alexandre wrote:

I'm trying to create Linux files (uBoot, uImage, rootfs...) for LPC3152. I've read that LTIB supports LPC3152, but I couldn't find this option on LTIB initial configurations (the menu that appears first time you run ./ltib ). I just found the option for LPC3131 in this menu.
I would like to know in which menu could I find this option. Moreover, should I need to change any files to do that?


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