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[Ltib] LPC31xx rootfs for U-Boot

From: Daniel Widyanto
Subject: [Ltib] LPC31xx rootfs for U-Boot
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 02:45:53 +0100



It seems like the rootfs that's generated by LTIB for u-boot image is invalid:


creating a uboot ramdisk image: rootfs.ext2.gz.uboot

Image Name:   uboot ext2 ramdisk rootfs

Created:      Wed Mar  2 09:40:04 2011

Image Type:   ARM Linux RAMDisk Image (gzip compressed)

Data Size:    5181265 Bytes = 5059.83 kB = 4.94 MB

Load Address: 0x00000000

Entry Point:  0x00000000


Started: Wed Mar  2 09:34:46 2011

Ended:   Wed Mar  2 09:40:04 2011

Elapsed: 318 seconds


Build Succeeded


Its load address and entry point is 0x0.


Tested for EA3131 (LPC3131) platform. I'm not sure whether it happens for other platform too.




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