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Re: [Ltib] how to build libc6-dev environment for PPC platform

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] how to build libc6-dev environment for PPC platform
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 20:47:45 +0000
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Hi Kallol,

If you can see the toolchain in the ./ltib -m config screen then yes,
you should be able to build a cross toolchain (search by hitting the s key).

However many platforms don't support this as they use multi-libbed cross
toolchains that are unable to build Canadian cross compilers (to run on
the target).

To be honest you'd be better off packaging and building on the host side
where the environment is already correctly set up for you.

Regards, Stuart

On 18/03/11 22:54, Kallol Biswas wrote:
> Hi,
>     We are working on a PPC p4080 project  and have been using ltib.
> We need to compile certain graphics drivers/user space code on the
> target system.
> Is there a way to build the build environment that will reside in target
> with ltib?
> Kallol
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