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Re: [Ltib] How to force a package build if its PRECONFIG changed?

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] How to force a package build if its PRECONFIG changed?
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 20:34:15 +0100
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On 22/03/11 21:10, Peter Barada wrote:
> On 03/22/2011 04:54 PM, Stuart Hughes wrote:
>> On 21/03/11 20:56, Peter Barada wrote:
>>> On 03/21/2011 03:56 PM, Peter Barada wrote:
>>>> Stuart,
>>>> How can I have "./ltib" force a rebuild of a package (kernel, busybox, 
>>>> etc) if the content of its PRECONFIG file changed?  I.e. if I change the 
>>>> kernel or busybox .config file(i.e newer than the generated rpm file), how 
>>>> can i trigger a build of that package?
>>>> I've gotten bitten by enabling CONFIG_FEATURE_IFCONFIG_HW in the 
>>>> busybox.config file I'm using and the automated build didn't detect that 
>>>> busybox needed to be rebuilt.
>>>> I'll code it up and experimet, but I'm not sure how to get the dates for 
>>>> the preconfig and resultant rpm files(as my perl fu is weak).
>>>> Any help is appreciated.
>>> I think I've figured it out.  Following in build_rpm looks to work (and 
>>> handles the case of a preconfig file being in either the platform or 
>>> defaults directory) after "my $dir_bld = ...":
>>>     my $preconfig_file = $pcf->{$key . "_PRECONFIG"};
>>>     my $preconfig_bld = 0;
>>>     if ( $preconfig_file ) {
>>>     my $dflts = "defaults";
>>>     if ( -f "$cf->{top}/$cf->{plat_dir}/$preconfig_file" ) {
>>>         $preconfig_file = "$cf->{top}/$cf->{plat_dir}/$preconfig_file";
>>>     } else {
>>>         if ( -f "${cf}->{config_dir}/$dflts/$preconfig_file" ) {
>>>         $preconfig_file = "${cf}->{config_dir}/$dflts/$preconfig_file";
>>>         }
>>>     }
>>>     if ( $rpms[0] && -f $rpms[0]) {
>>>         if ( -M $rpms[0] > -M $preconfig_file ) {
>>>         $preconfig_bld = 1;
>>>         }
>>>     }
>>>     }
>>> And then adding:
>>>     $r   .= "preconfig file changed, "   if $preconfig_bld;
>>> after "my $r = '';" in build_rpm()
>>> Of course there may be a much more efficient way to do this, any 
>>> suggestions appreciated!
>> Hi Peter,
>> Our emails crossed in mid-foo. What you have above looks good.  If you
>> can integrate and test it, and send a patch, I'll get it merged.
> Stuart,  Attached.
> Note that my ltib script is different than what's in CVS as I have other 
> changes in place to support SVN builds.
> This patch is against the CVS version, using the bits I added into my ltib 
> script.  I've updated it to handle changes in kernel configuration files 
> (either the platform .config, or platform, and have tested it 
> (in my LTIB script) with both the kernel and busybox in my buildbot universe. 
>  I haven't tested the CVS version of LTIB (as my project is a bit behind that 
> version), but feel it should work.
> On a separate note, how can I have ltib read in a file (that contains build 
> dependencies, list of variables to export into the shell environment, etc) 
> and incorporate it into ltib's perl environment such that my platform can 
> define extra package build dependencies, environment variables, etc w/o 
> having to hack up the ltib script itself?
>> Regards, Stuart

Hi Peter,

I've re-worked your patch a bit and I've attached it for you to look at
before I check it in.  The idea is that if any config is newer to mark a
rebuild as necessary and to action it.  Let me know if it looks okay.

On the separate note, I need to think about that, I'm not sure I want to
complicate it further.

Note you can export any variable automatically to the build environment
if it includes _PRECONFIG, _WANT_ or SYSCFG_ in the key name (see around
line 1599).

Regards, Stuart

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