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Re: [Ltib] The gpp is suspended for now

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] The gpp is suspended for now
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 19:45:27 +0100
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This will only make the bandwidth problem worse (in the short run).
Also we'd then have to set up some multiplexor.

I'm thinking of making some USB sticks available from Zee2 maybe that
would help?

Please keep mails on the list and not privately to me.

Regards, Stuart

On 10/04/11 19:10, Alfredo J. Cabral Hinojosa wrote:
> Thanks Stuart!,
> Anyway, I'll ask IT if we could mirror your site with your permission
> and of course, would let you know beforehand.
> I'll only download the required packages.
> Best regards.
> Alfredo J. Cabral Hinojosa
> CODE Ingeniería SA de CV
> Loma del Parque 114A.
> Cuajimalpa, Distrito Federal, México.
> Teléfono: +52 55 21 63 59 25
> Celular: +52 55 43 56 64 04
> On 4/10/2011 12:49 PM, Stuart Hughes wrote:
>> The GPP is back on for now.  We're at 75% of the monthly bandwidth and
>> once exceeded it will stop working, so please only hit the GPP using
>> ltib itself, don't write scripts to mirror it or anything else "creative"
>> I've blocked some IP addresses and anyone abusing the download area will
>> also be blocked (anything more than 300MB a day is abuse IMHO).
>> Regards, Stuart
>> On 10/04/11 15:47, Alfredo J. Cabral Hinojosa wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am really sorry about that idiot hitting your servers, I hope it was a
>>> mistake, a bad script or something not malicious.
>>> Anyway, I really need to create a BSP for an imx platform, I can get the
>>> tarballs from the web, but is there a way I could get the patches?.
>>> Best regards,

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