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[Ltib] Question about file execution

From: Roberto Giovoni
Subject: [Ltib] Question about file execution
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 11:21:11 +0200

We have created a file system image for LPC3250 for Phytec board
with linux kernel image ver 2.6.34.

We have the following problem:

1) we have copied in /home/teledata/Pulsar directory our Pegasus executable
2) we start to run this file (always from directory above) with the line
command ./Pegasus
3) we obtain the message ""-/bin/sh: ./Pegasus: not found"
4) using the file system image provided with the Phytec board, with
   our created linux image (ver 2.6.34), the line command described
   at point 2 is working well (the file runs).

There is someone that can help us?

Pegasus file attached.

                                  Thanks in advance for your help

Roberto Giovoni


Via Giulietti, 8 - 20132 Milano
address@hidden < <>>
Tel. +39 0227201352 ( int.25) - Fax. +39 022593704

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