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[Ltib] Future plans for LTIB for Freescale PowerQuicc and QorIQ?

From: Robert E. Cochran
Subject: [Ltib] Future plans for LTIB for Freescale PowerQuicc and QorIQ?
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 12:39:29 -0400
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Could you please share your perspective on whether LTIB will be used in the future for Freescale BSPs for the PowerQuicc and QorIQ parts?

Here is a snippet from Freescale's Linux page (

"Linux BSPs for PowerQUICC and QorIQ Power Architecture Processors were, until recently, delivered within a Freescale-developed packaging system know as Linux Target Image Builder (LTIB). Those LTIB-based files are still available from our web site, however, as a result of a recently announced effort between Freescale and Mentor Graphics, we are now delivering Linux BSPs within the System Builder framework."

But if I download a current beta version of a BSP for their newer QorIQ parts, it's still LTIB.


Bob Cochran

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