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Re: [Ltib] mtd-utils fails to build

From: Peter Barada
Subject: Re: [Ltib] mtd-utils fails to build
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 10:46:19 -0400
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Hi Krishna,

Send your email to the LTIB mailing list so others can help or learn from the error you have.

From the log you sent (trimmed to the useful bits):

Processing platform: Host support packages
using /home/user/ltib/config/platform/host/ltib.preconfig


Processing: mtd-utils
Build path taken because: no prebuilt rpm, 


Executing(%prep): /bin/sh -e /home/user/ltib/tmp/rpm-tmp.28529
+ umask 022
+ cd /opt/freescale/ltib/usr/src/rpm/BUILD
+ cd /opt/freescale/ltib/usr/src/rpm/BUILD
+ rm -rf mtd-utils
+ /bin/bzip2 -dc /opt/freescale/ltib/usr/src/rpm/SOURCES/mtd-utils-201006.tar.bz2
+ tar -xvvf -


Executing(%build): /bin/sh -e /home/user/ltib/tmp/rpm-tmp.28529
+ umask 022
+ cd /opt/freescale/ltib/usr/src/rpm/BUILD
+ cd mtd-utils
+ make -j1 WITHOUT_XATTR=1


gcc -I./include   -DWITHOUT_XATTR -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -O2 -g -Wall -Wextra -Wwrite-strings -Wno-sign-compare -c -o /opt/freescale/ltib/usr/src/rpm/BUILD/mtd-utils/compr_lzo.o compr_lzo.c -g -Wp,-MD,/opt/freescale/ltib/usr/src/rpm/BUILD/mtd-utils/.compr_lzo.c.dep
compr_lzo.c:29:23: error: lzo/lzo1x.h: No such file or directory

I've never seen this error before, but goolging for "ltib missing lzo1x.h" led me to

Are you building on Fedora?  Is it a 64-bit host? It might be that you don't have lzo-devel installed on your host...

Peter Barada

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