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[Ltib] quick question on submitting patches...

From: Fritz Mueller
Subject: [Ltib] quick question on submitting patches...
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 23:20:05 +0000


I've got an upcoming Avahi patch submission that builds on the dbus and 
libdaemon submissions that were posted here earlier.

Question is: for Stuart managing his backlog, would the preference be to:

        - post one combined patch for Avahi + dbus + libdaemon (easiest and 
most accurate since can be driven from cvs diff), or

        - post incremental patch for just Avahi, assuming previous dbus and 
libdaemon patches already integrated (would have to find a way to generate this 
from a locally copied tree since the previous two patches aren't yet integrated 
to cvs?)

Very appreciative of the fact that Stuart's time to work through his backlog is 
scarce and valuable, so would like to try to present patches here in the best 
way possible.


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