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Re: [Ltib] build/install just sftp/libcrypto from openssh/openssl?

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] build/install just sftp/libcrypto from openssh/openssl?
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 17:06:57 +0000
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Hi Fritz,

What you suggest is about the best method overall.

Regards, Stuart

On 11/02/12 18:48, Fritz Mueller wrote:
> Hey folks,
> We'd prefer to use dropbear rather than openssh in our application, but we 
> also need sftp.  It turns out that to do this, one need only install the 
> sftp-server binary (from the openssh package) and libcrypto shared lib (from 
> the openssl package) in addition to the dropbear package.
> This seems like it would be a useful build/deploy option to have integrated 
> into ltib, and I'd like to develop that and submit a patch.  My question 
> before jumping in is if anybody has a recommendation for a good way to go 
> about this -- that is, what would be the best approach for to setting things 
> up to build/install only parts of the openssh and openssl packages?
> My first idea on an approach would be to add sub-options to the openssh and 
> openssl packages (e.g. "sftp-server only", "libcrypto-only"), then set up the 
> spec files for openssh and openssl to limit the builds and/or prune the build 
> output dirs before rolling up the binary rpms when/if these options are 
> selected.
> Just wanted to check with the collective expertise here if there was a 
> better/recommended/usual way to restrict the build and deploy scope of a 
> package like this before I get going on it.
>       thanks!
>         --FritzM.

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