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[lwip-devel] Use git style commit log

From: Axel Lin
Subject: [lwip-devel] Use git style commit log
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 14:53:10 +0800

Just a suggestion. I'm wondering if lwip developers can use git style
commit log.

The git can identify the subject line and the content.
If you add a blank line between subject line and the content the git shortlog
can properly show the "shortlog".
Otherwise, the shortlog becomes a mess, e.g.
$ git shortlog da2478b76152c780e5fdfcad34af48d4bd199e60..HEAD
Dirk Ziegelmeier (5):
      Fix bug #52748: the bug in timeouts.c by reimplementing timer
logic to use absolute instead of relative timeout values
      Apply modified patch #9533: sys_check_timeouts: recalculate the
time diff after each handler call Adapted to new timer implementation
      Make _cyclic_ timers interval more deterministic - next timeout
is calculated from last due time instead of relative to current time
This eliminates the cyclic timer jitter
      Partly apply patch from "Douglas" provided in bug #52748: the
bug in timeouts.c - Fix sys_untimeout implementation should not modify
timer values since we are now using absolute timeouts.c - Cleanup and
simplify sys_check_timeouts() implementation - Implement
sys_restart_timeouts to rebase all timeouts based on next timer to
      lwipopts.h for unit tests: Increase number of timeouts

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