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Re: LYNX-DEV / patches / etc

Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV / patches / etc
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 96 16:16:00 +0800

Rob Partington - Admin <address@hidden> wrote:

 R(> Ok, came back ok, I'll get it set up today.
I did a whois @ InterNIC for fun the other day and I saw it. Have yet to
try HTTP access though. :)


 R(> On another note, has anyone tried my new patch for character styles
 R(> yet?  I'm particularly interested in reports on the slang version.
The patch is great, however I had to dig through the archives on how to
install it. (patch -p) Perhaps you could include some help on that in your
webpage ?

Also some documentation (however sparse) would be nice. :) I played the
guessing game trying to figure out how to implement colours, so I tried
putting your examples (the ones on the webpage) into lynx.cfg and it works

Minor note - I have to use 'lynx -term=ansi' to get the proper colours. My
normal term is 'vt102-nsgr' (according to termcap that's the best for PC
users whose vt100/102 is not "really" vt100/102) Using slang 0.34 on Linux.

PS - filipg's multi bookmarks patch failed one hunk after I patched Lynx
with your patch. I'm guessing (again :) it's because it can't find the
original version name to change, but just FYI... will try Hiram's composite
patch later.

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