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LYNX-DEV link error on Solaris

From: Tom Hall
Subject: LYNX-DEV link error on Solaris
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:11:23 -0600 (MDT)

It's not my job to be building Lynx, so I'm pretty stupid about
this stuff, but I am smart enough to type "make solaris2".

(Our great new "network support" company refuses to support lynx
since "NetScape" is the company standard. I need 2.6 so I can
access web pages with "frames".)

It compiled on SunOS 4.3 just fine, but on Solaris, it gets
all the way through and then says:
   ld: elf error: file ../WWW/Library/solaris2/libwww.a: unable to locate 
archive symbol table: Request error: offset out of range 
   ld: fatal: File processing errors.  No output written to lynx
   make[1]: *** [lynx] Error 1

Can someone shed some light on what's wrong here ?

On another topic, I am made to feel like (and have been called)
a "Luddite" for using lynx in an environment where you can usually
get access to a unix terminal running X.

Is lynx doomed to be replaced by some GUI thing ?

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