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LYNX-DEV SUMMARY: Targeting 2 Frames at Once (fwd)

From: Carl Reimann
Subject: LYNX-DEV SUMMARY: Targeting 2 Frames at Once (fwd)
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 12:06:54 GMT

 Here is a potentially interesting group. I found this on
 --- Forward ---
 Date:    Fri, 25 Oct 1996 13:24:09 -0700
 From:    Elliott Manley <address@hidden>
 Subject: INFO: Webtesters' Club
 A while back it was suggested on this list that it would be good idea
 to start a testing club for websites. There was an enthusiastic
 So we've done it!
 The idea is that people who enjoy testing sites are brought together
 with people who want their sites tested (although the "testees" are
 expected to spend some time testing too).
 Unsurprisingly, the Club lives on a Website.
 There are listings of people who like to test, together with their
 browsers, computers etc. These are listed alphabetically by email
 address (so you can find them quickly no matter what whacky handle
 they used today - clever, huh?)
 There are also listing of websites, together with the webmaster's
 email address - so you can open an email window and make notes while
 browsing the site.
 And, of course, you can register yourself as a tester and/or your
 sites to be tested.
 The site has been deliberately kept simple - we want to encourage
 people to test with minimum spec browsers. The project made a good
 first exercise for Romana, a young Italian lady who has joined me as
 an apprentice on a European Commission grant. I think she's done an
 excellent job. Anyone who feels like sending her encouraging email
 would be appreciated!
 I also fully expect the Webtesters' Club to soon become the most
 tested site on the Internet!
 If you are one of the many people who responded earlier, the
 information you gave is probably now on the site. Some people gave
 very sketchy details. So please check what we've said about you and
 use the registration form if you want to bring the info up to date.
 We had a lot of fun visiting the amazing sites you guys have created
 in order to say a few words about each one.
 The URL is:
 See you there soon.

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