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Re: LYNX-DEV interesting note regarding lynx usage

From: Jason Baker
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV interesting note regarding lynx usage
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 13:03:51 -0800 ()

In a previous missive, David Combs wrote:
> sending out notices of where to get 2.6 -- seems like a good idea.
> Something like:
> We're the developers and enhancers of Lynx.  Just for the fun of it,
> we checked out a few heavily used www-sites to see what versions
> of lynx people were using, thinking that of course most everyone
> (rather, every "hit" of the site via some version of lynx) would
> be via the most recent version (most features, bug-fixes, abilities
> to read newer html, etc).
> Surprise!  We found (to our horror) that most everyone was using
> really OLD versions of lynx -- like you.  So we decided
> that even if it would be unsolicited email, that we would
> be doing you a service, really, by sending you this email about
> how you or your administrator can get the newest version (free,
> of course).
> In fact, even if you can't get your administrator to find time to
> install the newest lynx, YOU can do it yourself, in your OWN
> area on the computer ...

I agree - this sounds like an excellent idea, and an excellent start!

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