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Re: LYNX-DEV Where's SSL patch, also '=' suggestion.

From: Martin Voges
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Where's SSL patch, also '=' suggestion.
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 21:36:44 +0200


Unless I misunderstood something drastically, most of what you
suggest/request is already there in Lynx v2.6 (except not
from a 'live' information page - lots of discussion of that
in the archive initiated by Bela Lubkin's, AFAIRemember,
work on that):

On 11 Nov 1996 David Combs <address@hidden> wrote:
> LIKEWISE: the "GoTo" command ("G"): why not leave the PRIOR
> goto-url there as the default, back-uppable as above.  For those
> who don't want it "this time", a one (two) key ^U gets rid of
> it.

>From file://your/path/to/lynx.cfg :
   # Set GOTOBUFFER to TRUE if you want to have the previous goto
   # if any, offered for reuse or editing when using the 'g'oto
   # The default is defined in userdefs.h.  If left FALSE, the
   # buffer of previously entered goto URLs can still be invoked via
   # Up-Arrow or Down-Arrow keys after entering the 'g'oto command.

> ALSO: Emacs has these circular lists of things (prior search
> etc) that the user can cycle through via Meta-N and Meta-P (where
> "Meta" for most keyboards means "ESC", and N means "next", and
> "P" means "prior").

>From file://your/path/to/Lynx_users_guide.html#18 :  
   The 'g' command allows any URL to be viewed. Pressing the 'g'
   command will bring up a prompt asking for a URL. Type in the
   URL that you wish to view. All previously entered Goto URLs are
   saved in a circular buffer, and be accessed at the prompt by
   pressing the up-arrow or down-arrow keys.

> There seems to be a variety of places where Lynx could use such
> circular lists: search-patterns for "/", url's for "G", maybe (now)
> lists of the bookmark-files, etc, etc.

Haven't tried multiple bookmarks patch yet, but in addition
to 'goto' info above,
>From file://your/path/to/Lynx_users_guide.html#11 :
   All search words or strings which you have entered during a Lynx
   session are saved in a circular buffer, and can be retrieved for
   re-use by pressing the up-arrow or down-arrow keys at the prompt
for a
   search word or string.

> So, my suggestion is that this be used for the "G" command.
> (When one backspaces over the right-part of eg a url, I suppose
> that should count as a "new" url, and be ADDED to the circular
> list, rather than MODIFYING the original url).

Exactly what happens.  And the buffers are editable too.  I
guess arrow keys are counterintuitive for someone used to
META keys :)


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